Who am I?

Yeah, thats probably what you’re thinking- who is this girl, dishing out fashion and beauty advice?!

Well, my names Katie, I’m 24 from South London. I’ve always had a huge passion (verging on obsession!) for the fashion and beauty industry  (ever since Trinny & Susannah hit the TV screens with their styling show ‘What Not to Wear’, back in the day and 10 Years Younger was a regular favourite!- does anyone remember those?!)

After school, I went to college and studied Beauty Therapy & Make-up Artistry and went on to work as a therapist and make-up artist. This is where I really got to develop my passion through building on my knowledge, trying lots of new products and going on training to develop my skills. My adoration for fashion and trends grew as I got older and I am now working as a Junior Personal Stylist, which I am LOVING! I love advising people on both fashion and beauty and being part of what makes another person feel confident and amazing, so that’s why I created this blog!  A place where you guys can find affordable, high-street fashion/beauty advice, reviews, trend reports and styling tips (plus some ramblings of my thoughts on life and health!)

I hope you like it and if you have any feedback or fashion/beauty related advice you would love me to post- feel free to contact me!


Katie x