Why quitting my job was the best thing I did in 2017 & Quarter life crisis’ really are a thing!


Quitting my job in October last year was honestly the best thing I did last year (aside from Elrow in Ibiza- that was pretty sick). I didn’t have anything else lined up as such, I’d been to a couple interviews and turned them down in the end because something just didn’t feel right and I didn’t want to settle again, so I was officially UN-EMPLOYED! I wanted to share this with you because I know there are others in their twenties who will be able to relate to this. I also want to encourage those who are in a similar situation or feel the same way as I did,  to take action, not feel bad and to know that everything really does happen for a reason and it will work out in the end! Life really is too short to be spending 80% of your time in a job that isn’t fulfilling you in some way and making you unhappy. You’re also more likely to be successful, if you are doing something that you are passionate about.

It’s ingrained in us that you should never leave a job until you’ve found something else and of course that is the sensible thing to do. But when you get to a point where you’re feeling so stressed that you can’t even make a simple decision like what boots to buy for Winter (tragic I know! *eye roll*) and so low that not even a trip to Zara can make you feel better (you guys know how much I love Zara) , you know you’ve got to do something about it and trying to find a job when you’re feeling like that isn’t always the most productive.

Now of course not everyone is in a situation where they can do that however, if you’re are and still live at home with some savings behind you and want to, then do it! It’s better to do so now than when you’ve got rent/mortgage to pay for, right?! However, only do so if you are prepared to use your time wisely and not have Netflix marathons with a quick dabble on LinkedIn now and again. Luckily I still live at home and have savings and so as soon as I quit, I wanted to use the time I had to focus on my personal development, do some charitable work and most importantly, find the job that was right for me and encompassed my passions- I didn’t want to settle.

Un-employed life is a mix of good and bad, the good being; I had much more time to look for work, was able organise my life at home and do things that I didn’t have time to do but always wanted to do. I started volunteering at a charity, close to my heart, designing social media/ promotional images for them which was fun and really helped me to develop my skills. I went to fashion workshops and exhibitions, I read up on the law of attraction and I started meditating. The bad was after a couple weeks of not working, I started panicking that I wasn’t going to find the job I was looking for and started feeling like a failure. Luckily, I have some amazing people in my life who were there for me by giving me pep talks and I really am grateful for those individuals! But it was also around this time that I saw Dina and this influenced change.

Being in your early to mid twenties is a weird one, you feel like you should have all your shit together but you often don’t and in fact, won’t and when I saw quarter life crisis coach Dina Grishin she cemented this into my brain! (yes I said quarter life crisis and yes it is a thing!) She encouraged me that your twenties is a time for experiences, a time to learn and a time to try things until you figure out/find what you want. She informed me that so many young people around my age, put so much pressure on themselves to be at a certain point in their life and compare themselves to others on social media who seem to be ‘living their best life’ and that this was leading to feelings of failure, depression and overwhelm. Dina gave me some amazing advice but there was one thing that really stuck with me. She told me that in order to be the person I wanted to be, someone who made braver choices and came out of my comfort zone, I had to think about what a person like that would do in a scenario and then just go and do it!! So I did.

I’d seen a company that I really wanted to work for but at the time there weren’t any vacancies. I also knew that I didn’t have the most experience for the role I wanted so I was filled with self-doubt. However, deep down, what I did know was that I had a passion for it, I knew I could do it but I just needed the chance and to get over my own fear of not being good enough! In my head, I heard my Mum saying ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get!’, so even though there wasn’t a vacancy I sent an email. I emailed explaining that I really wanted to work for them and why and what I would bring to the team. I made sure I included the small amount of fashion experience I had, attached my CV and waited. At first I thought, I probably wouldn’t hear anything back and so I pushed it to the back of my mind, having no expectations. But I did hear back and I was over the moon that they wanted to interview me and give me a chance. It’s weird because at the interview they told me that the same day I had emailed them, they had posted a vacancy not long afterwards ( this has cemented my belief that everything happens for a reason so trust the timing of your life!)

So after interviewing, it only made me want the job more but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. I felt I had done my best and if I didn’t get the job, could use it as great interview experience (I had to give a small presentation- something that has always scared me!). I’d read about the power of visualisation, so I started picturing in my head that I had got the job and was working there. I’d read about being mindful of how you think and how it can become a reality so I started saying to myself ‘I can do this, I’ve got this!’ and whilst there were no guarantees and I didn’t want to get my hopes up, I did feel more confident about the outcome.

Fast forward to yesterday and I got the phone call, I had been offered the job of my dreams and I’m so bloody happy! Part of me did have a slight wobble as I got into bed last night thinking ‘OMG I’ve got the job. I hope I’m good enough’ but then I remembered everything I had learnt and said to myself ‘YOU GOT THIS!’

So roll on 2018, I have a really good feeling about this year! And for anyone feeling the way I did about a job they are in or feeling overwhelmed by being in their mid twenties and not having their shit together, don’t panic because everything happens for a reason and it’ll all work out in the end 🙌🏽💕


Katie x


2 thoughts on “Why quitting my job was the best thing I did in 2017 & Quarter life crisis’ really are a thing!

  1. Hi Katie,

    I’m in the same position now, I’m feeling lost and I’ve just left my previous job – scary stuff.
    Reading this has made me feel more optimistic and I’m glad I read it! Good luck in your job and I’m going to adopt your angle on this and push forward what I want.


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    1. Ah James I am so glad this has made you feel more optimistic! You tend to find when you feel more positive about things, good things find a way of coming to you. See this as an exciting time! Thank you for the good luck wishes, I hope you find what you are after! X

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