Why Laser Hair Removal is The Way Forward

After years of putting up with painful waxing, I started Laser Hair Removal whilst I was living in Australia as it is super popular out there. Since returning to the UK, I have been going to Unique Laser Clinic in Greenford, London for my sessions and decided to team up with my Laser Specialist, Jade,  to share how it all works and the pro’s of laser hair removal- because let’s face it, who doesn’t want to be hair free?!


Commonly, the first question that pops into mind when talking about laser hair removal is: “Is it painful?”

Laser Specialist Jade says– Laser hair removal session are reasonably comfortable. With our Soprano Ice Laser you can expect to feel a prickly sensation and warmth but it is a virtually painless laser. We also use the Gentle Yag laser and this can sometimes feel like a sharp sensation on the skin for a second but doesn’t last long.

I currently use the Soprano Ice Laser on my bikini area and it is definitely less painful than the Yag and a more comfortable experience. It kind of reminds me of what an ultrasound would be like, as Jade first applies a gel and then runs the laser head over the area to be treated.

How does laser hair removal work?
 Jade – The most simple way to explain how laser works is, when the laser energy leaves the end of the device, it is attracted to your hair follicle and the laser energy is transfered to heat which then damages the blood supply to the follicle causing the hair to simply shed within 14 days after any given session and over time reduce hair growth

How many sessions will I need?
JadeYou initially need 6 – 8 sessions to achieve a 60-80% hair reduction. If you are treating the face you will require a sess5 ion once every 4-6 weeks and for the body once every 6-8 weeks. Once you have completed your first initial 6-8 sessions you will require maintenance sessions, which can vary from individual clients but are usually anything between 1 session every 2/3 months to once a year.

Does it work on everyone?
Jade- Although laser hair removal is very effective, it is not always suitable for everyone. For example, laser does not work on white, grey, blonde, or red hairs as there is no pigment in the follicle for the laser to be attracted to. At Unqiue Laser Clinic, we can treat all skin types safely.

Pro’s of laser hair removal:

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Long term cost effective -Whilst laser can be expensive initially, think about how the cost adds up for regular wax appointments over the years!
  • No more ingrown hairs
  • No need to go through the pain of waxing/plucking or threading!
  • Able to laser any body area

There are only really a couple of cons and that is that is can be a long process and uncomfortable but I truly think it is worth it in the long term!

Quote KATIE10 when booking in for 10% off your first laser hair removal session at Unique Laser Clinic.


Katie x




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