Hydration & Your Skin

Drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated is something that is drilled into us from a young age and yet despite this, for the majority, it just doesn’t happen. Keeping hydrated not only enables your body to function properly, the kidneys in particular but it also largely benefits your skin. Whether your skin is oily, dry, combination or sensitive- everybody can benefit from staying hydrated (and I’m not talking about fizzy drinks and sugary juices!)

What are the Benefits?

  1. Your skin will appear more radiant and plump 
  2. Skin becomes less oily – When skin is dehydrated, signals are sent to your glands to produce more oil, in order to compensate and help protect it.
  3. Less prone to wrinkling. (Your skin starts to age in your mid-20’s so whatever we can do to prevent the appearance, the better- right?!)
  4. Acne is less aggravated– Products used to help control acne can also be very drying and so staying hydrated will help to keep skin supple and soothed
  5. Helps strengthen sensitive skin– Skin that is dehydrated is less resilient and if you already have sensitivity, this can exacerbate the problem further.

As we lose so much water a day, it is important to apply products to our skin to help seal in water and keep it hydrated. Skincare products containing hyaluronic acid are perfect as HA holds 1,000 times its own weight in water, therefore attracting water to the skin and keeping it there. My favourite hydrating products are from Nip & Fabs Dragons Blood Fix range– I use the serum every day!


Drinking More Water

I recently got my hands on a NATIV bottle which I have had my eye on for AGES! It’s a really clever plastic bottle (BPA FREE!) with motivational quotes, that encourage you stay on track by having set timelines for drinking water so that you can measure how you’re getting on throughout the day.  All you do is fill your bottle to 9am, drink down the left hand side of the bottle, refill and drink down the right and you’ve drunk 6 glasses of water! The recommended daily intake is 6-8 glasses so add on a couple cups of tea and you’ve done it!


Also available in pink, purple and orange with varying quotes. Purchase here: NATIV

Try adding slices of lemons, lime, mint or cucumber for a detoxifying drink (because plain water is boring!)

Happy Drinking!


Katie x


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