Thinking about getting Lip Fillers?

If you are then this post is for you! I’m sharing my personal experience with lip fillers, pictures of my results and what to expect. I’ll also be answering those questions that those of you who are interested in getting them done, want to know! *

What are they?

Lip fillers are made out of something called Hyaluronic Acid, which can be found naturally in the body. This is a substance that can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water  and is found in many high street beauty products such as serums and face creams. In creams, it works on a superficial basis as it can’t penetrate deep into the skin however when injected, it can make a bigger impact and the gel like consistency will fill out and add volume to areas. This is due to its ability to attract and hold water which in turn hydrates and moisturises the skin, leaving a plumped appearance. ( One of my fav serums containing HA is Nip & Fab Dragon’s Blood Plumping Serum , which I use every night!)

Due to the fact that it is something your body also produces naturally, it commonly, doesn’t reject the substance ( As with any cosmetic procedure, there are risks involved but there is an antidote which will dissolve the filler if anything were to go wrong ). Over time, your body will start to dissolve the filler itself, which is why top-up appointments are needed and results are not permanent.

Many people have strong opinions on lip filler,  some good and some bad and its understandable why so many have negative views. People are quick to shout about horror stories of those who have either not done their research, gone to an irresponsible or unqualified cosmetic practitioner or celebrities/people that have taken it too far and don’t know when to stop! However, what many people do not see are the treatments that go fantastically well, the natural looking results you can achieve and the real confidence it can give to someone! ( Take a look at some of the work by the amazing Dr Tijon Esho, currently on Channel 4 Body Fixers) 

My Experience & What to Expect

 0.5ml injected into the top lip only. Above photos are before &  immediately after treatment when lips are slightly swollen
2 months after treatment

For me personally, I had always been self conscious of the fact that my top lip was smaller than my bottom lip. I have large features and it seemed out of proportion, combined with the fact that I had quite a flat cupids bow. I was tired of over lining my lips to try and even them out and so after spending ages thinking about it, I  finally decided to get filler.  

I first had lip filler done when I was living in Sydney, Australia. I went to ‘ Laser Clinics’ a huge chain with over 68 clinics in the country that specialise in laser hair removal and cosmetic treatments such as filler and botox. I had 1ml injected to both lips with the majority into my upper lip to help balance them out. I was advised that I would need further treatments to help build up the cupids bow area and achieve the look I wanted.

Once back in the UK, I went to a lovely lady called Holly- a cosmetic practitioner, who runs her own business providing treatments in  Forest Gate, Bexley Heath, Bromley, Romford & Guildford. I was recommended to her by a friend and after stalking her Instagram profile to see images of her work, I booked in for a treatment of 0.5ml Juvederm ( the most common lip filler product used) in my top lip only. To check out Holly’s work, click here.

Before any treatment took place, a consultation was done so that I could discuss what I was trying to achieve and so Holly could assess whether I was even able to have treatment by checking through any existing health conditions/allergies etc . Whilst in consultation, a numbing cream was applied to the lips to help reduce the pain felt during treatment.

After around 15mins, the area was numbed and I was ready to be injected. Holly was extremely gentle when working on my lips.  She constantly checked with me along the way to ensure she was able to achieve the results I was looking for, by strategically placing the filler. For example, I wanted to define my cupids bow more , so she injected vertically into the ‘peaks’ to help build them up. Holly then gentle massaged my lips to help spread and smooth out the filler and prevent any lumps. 

After the treatment, a Vitamin A+D ointment was applied, which aids the healing process and hydrates the lips.  I was also given an ice pack to hold to my lips intermittently, to help reduce the swelling. Immediately after treatment, your lips may feel a bit tender and  appear red/pink. They will start to gradually swell and may bruise but this is normal.  It is advised to wait  a week to two weeks before judging your lips as by this time any bruising, small lumps or swelling has subsided and you will see the long term result clearer!


  • Is bruising normal?

    Yes, some bruising is common with filler, particularly if it is your first time or you are injecting a large amount of filler to a small area. The bruising will go down within than a week and can be covered with lipstick until then.

  • How long does the swelling take to go down?

    So I’m not going to lie, within the first 24 hrs, your lips will swell- A LOT!! You will probably wake up in my morning, resembling a duck and think what an earth have I done, they look AWFUL! However, the swelling is totally normal and will gradually reduce over the following few days. Also, I would definitely not go straight to work after treatment like I did the first time though….(awks!)

  • How did you find a good place to get them done?

    I was recommended by a friend who had been a long term client of Holly’s. Recommendations are great because you know others have had great results with the cosmetic practitioner. However, always do your own research on the person you are going to and ensure they are reputable and qualified. Many clinics in Central London have Dr’s/Nurses who provide cosmetic injections.

  • How painful was it during and after?

    I really didn’t find it very painful at all but I have a fairly high pain threshold. Numbing cream is used and if your practitioner is good then you shouldn’t feel too much more than a slight prick when the needle is initially put in. (If you can have your eyebrows threaded or have tattoos, you can definitely handle this!) After treatment, your lips may feel a bit hard and tender for 24-48 hrs but this will subside. 

  • How long does it last and how often do you need to top them up?

    This really depends on many factors such as the individuals metabolism ( if you are on the thinner side and have a fast metabolism it can dissolve quicker), whether it is your first treatment and the results you are trying to achieve. As a guide, it can last around 6-12 months and topping up can prolong the effects.  Depending on how much you want to enhance your lips , you may need to gradually build up the area and so more than one treatment is needed. I had my first treatment at the start of May and it has taken me two treatments to get to where I wanted to be. 3 months down the line from my last injections, I am still very happy!

  • Is it worth the money?

    If it is something that is going to boost your confidence then the answer will always be yes!  Lip fillers can start from around £200 for 1ml in London.  It is a costly investment, however if it is something that is ultimately going to make you feel good then its worth it. (Think about it like this, you probably spend more than that on two nights out in London and the effects of this will last a lot longer!)

*Please note: Views and research are my own and it is always important to book a consultation with a professional if you are interested in fillers.

Holly’s Instagram: The_Art_Of_Beauty

I hope you have found this helpful. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment!


Katie x


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