Subtle Mulberry Smokey Eyes

Using the Paul & Joe Beaute Limited Edition Autumn/Winter Collection



Creamy in texture, with a gorgeous sheen, due to its Glossy Fit Oil formula which contains Cocoa Seed Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil  and Lavender Oil, I really like the new Limited Edition Lipstick!  With a smooth finish, its incredibly moisturising, which I a big plus, particularly at this time of the year when the weather is getting colder and skin gets drier. The floral print embossing in the stick is super pretty too!! I’m wearing shade ‘Snuggle Up’ which is a warm pinky-beige and very wearable.


The Limited Edition Eye colour in ‘September Song‘ is a pretty gradient of romantic blush shades and is makes it easier to create a smokey eye as it provides you with a highlighting shade, base colour and a darker shadow for smokiness. To recreate my look, use the lightest shade all over the lid as a base and also in the inner corners of the eyes to make them look brighter. Then use the middle shade all over the lids, blending into the socket line blending upwards and outwards and bringing the colour under the eyes using a small eye shadow brush to create a smokey effect. Use the darkest shade in the socket line and along the upper and lower lash line, to add a depth and definition. Finish with a cat eye flick using liquid liner and black kohl pencil in the lower water line and then your fav mascara (mines Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara!)

I’m super impressed with how rich and long lasting the pigments are. They adhere well to the eye lid and don’t give you that annoying fall out that messes up the rest of your make-up!


I’ve recently been going off my dip brow pomade, its dried up and I want a lighter product to use with my eyebrows. The eyebrow pen definitely ticks my boxes and is now a stable in my make-up bag!  The tip is super fine so you can have lots of control and use it to draw hair strokes to fill in sparse area in the brow. Alternatively, you can use it all over for a wash of colour, which is what I have done. It kinda gives you that freshly tinted brow appearance. Most importantly, it literally doesn’t budge, so no more embarrassing eyebrow smudge marks when you accidentally rub your face or leaving arched imprints in your other half’s face (awks!!)

How cute it the packaging by the way?! You can purchase the range here: ASOS


Katie x


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